Business Solution Sector

Offering business solutions comprehensively from Financing to Disaster Prevention

Under the current globalized and competitive business environment, corporate management must be equipped with proper information and knowledge. As one example, Japanese companies added risk management concept to their corporate management practice.

As a professional outside staff to business entities, JERI can advise and assist in creating ‘maximizing corporate value plan’, ‘new business plan’, BCP as well as ‘business and project evaluation’.

Our specialty in research and consulting field for private companies are;

Management Consulting

Consulting firms on corporate management, financial strategy, new business strategy and various other issues.

Industrial Research and Economic Analysis

Our research covers manufacturing, distribution, energy, sightseeing, food and agriculture and various other sectors. We also have strength in such cross-sector issues as SDGs and technology.


Supporting domestic and cross-border M&As in cooperation with other DBJ group companies. Our consulting service covers all stages of M&A; pre-M&A consulting, financial advisory service, and PMI consulting.

Risk Management

Assisting firms in identifying and coping with diversified risk that they face, and in drafting business continuity plans (BCP).

Support for Participation in Public Service

Advisory services for Public Private Partnership (PPP) businesses by supporting preparation of proposal documents and providing financial advice.

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