Site policy

Site Policy

The web site of the Japan Economic Research Institute (“the Site”) is intended to provide information about the Japan Economic Research Institute Inc. (JERI) (“the Company”). Please read and consent to the terms below before using the Site.


In general, users are free to link to the Site. However, the Company accepts no responsibility for any third party sites that link to the Site or any of their content.
The following links are strictly prohibited:

  • Links from sites that contain defamatory information or damage trust in the Company or its products and services.
  • Links from sites with content that is offensive to public order and morals.
  • Links from sites that post illegal content, or are involved or potentially involved in illegal activities.
  • Links that use frames or other techniques that makes the source of the information unclear to post content from the Company.

If you wish to use content from the Site in a magazine, book, advertisement or other publication, to include it on a CD-ROM or other storage medium, or otherwise to use the Site content by means other than a link, please contact the Company beforehand. Likewise, please contact the Company in advance if you have any other inquiries.


The Company in no way guarantees the text or other content on the Site. Also, the Company accepts no responsibility for any errors in the information on the Site.
In the event of a user suffering any damages resulting from the information or other content on the Site, the Company accepts no liability for the damage. Similarly, the Company accepts no liability for the damage if a user of the Site causes damage to a third party as a result of use.
Please note that the information on the Site is subject to change or removal without notice.


The content, or parts thereof, that appears on the Site in text, graphics, video, or other formats is protected by various laws including those relating to copyright, moral right and neighboring rights, and copying or reproduction for any purpose other than private use stipulated in Article 30 of the copyright law is prohibited.
In addition, the design elements, information structures, and similar on the Site are protected by various laws including Unfair Competition Prevention Act and Trademark Act, and copying or imitating these is prohibited regardless of the method or format used. Any unauthorized use of the Site that goes beyond private use (including reproduction, copying, printing, distribution, broadcasting, public transmission, translation, sale, or lease) is not permitted.


The company names and product names that appear on the Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. The Site may omit the “™” and “®” symbols.

Information obtained from users of the Site

The Company takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the privacy of users who visit the Site including adoption of SSL encrypted communications to safeguard against unauthorized access and to encrypt data.
The Company has obtained an “SSL Server Certificate” issued by GlobalSign Inc. which is widely used to protect the safety of web sites.


The Company uses Cookies and collects access logs and other information for the purpose of improving the web site services. Cookies facilitate browsing of the Site by users who are visiting for a second or subsequent time and do not infringe on the user’s privacy or have any malicious effects on the user’s computer.
Access logs, used for better information service based on analyses of accesses by the organization contracted by the Company to undertake surveys and analysis, are managed and handled appropriately in the same manner as personal information.

Governing law

Although the Site can be accessed from countries around the world with different laws, users who access the Site and the Japan Economic Research Institute Inc. must agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government when using the Site.

Other points to note

Please note that the content and URLs on the Site are subject to change or removal without notice and that these site policies are also subject to change without notice and, if these terms of use are modified, that users should comply with the new terms of use.

Points to note when using the Site

Recommended browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox latest version
Google Chrome latest version
Apple Safari latest version


Some pages on the Site use the following plug-ins.

Flash Player latest version
For viewing pages with dynamic effects
Adobe Acrobat latest version
For viewing documents


The Site uses JavaScript to make it more convenient for users to use. If the Site is used with JavaScript disabled, pages may appear in unexpected ways. It is strongly recommended that you have JavaScript enabled as much as possible when using the Site.


The Site aims to be an “attractive and accessible” web site using the latest web publishing techniques and methods to be viewed by as many people as possible, and seeks after support for accessibility through practices such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), one of the organizations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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