Public Service Sector

Work with Regions to Solve Regional Issues

The central and local governments face a variety of complex policy issues, including a declining birthrate, aging population, inequality in employment and declining vitality in local areas.
Coping with these difficult problems requires practical as well as professional knowledge and experience.

As a professional outside advisor to public entities, JERI can assist in creating policy propositions based on comprehensive research and analysis of the issues.

Our areas of specialty in the public research and consulting field are as follows:


Conducting feasibility study, drafting guidelines, monitoring and providing other various consulting service with regard to PPPs (Public private partnerships) and PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives).

Public Management

Supporting municipalities on management of public facilities especially when faced with declining and aging population.


Consulting on developing, managing and maintaining infrastructure such as water and sewerage, town gas, airports and sports facilities.


Consulting and research in the field of healthcare.

Regional Economic Analysis

Conducting analysis of population, economies, and industries region by region and advising what kind of regional policies should be taken.

Promotion of Regional Industry

Analysis and advice on how best to utilize regional resources depending on the characteristics of each region; technology, culture, history and natural resources.

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